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Birko-Flor Narrow Fit

The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandal is a true classic that has won over men and women for decades. The simple-line sandal with two straps represents a timeless design and over time has become a true cult shoe. The upper is made of skin-friendly and resistant Birko-Flor® synthetic material.

  • Anatomically shaped cork and latex footbed
  • Upper: Birko-Flor®
  • Insole: suede
  • Sole: EVA
  • Details: two straps each with individually adjustable metal buckle
  • “Made in Germany”

Upper material: Birkoflor®

Birko-Flor® is a skin-friendly, tear-resistant and easy-to-clean synthetic material used exclusively by BIRKENSTOCK.

The soft-touch and flexible leather insole delicately adapts to the foot, conforming to its contour. The open-pore and therefore particularly breathable surface allows you to obtain the right microclimate of the foot even in the presence of intense physical activity.

Cork is a raw material that regrows, obtained from the surface layer of the cork oak. This natural product insulates from the heat and has excellent cushioning properties.

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a high-quality plastic, particularly light and elastic, with extraordinary shock-absorbing properties. It is able to compensate for slight irregularities in the ground and gently cushions your steps while walking.

Precision Hydration pH 1500