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Medical device particularly indicated in the presence of pain affecting the musculoskeletal system and joints. Thanks to its occlusive activity it allows you to act locally on the affected area, relieving pain and providing relief. The plant extracts and the particular shape improve the skin tolerability of the patch during application, particularly on the neck, shoulder and back areas.

Instructions for use
-Open the envelope at the dotted line and remove the patch.
-Remove the patch from the transparent support.
-Apply the patch to the affected part.
- Close the zip of the internal package containing the other patches.

Acrylates copolymer, Arnica montana flower extract, Harpagophytum procumbes root extract, Gaultheria procumbens leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, Boswellia serrata resin extract, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Pinus sylvestris leaf oil, Chamomilla recutita flower extract, phenoxyethanol, limonene, linalool.

Medical device for external use. Keep out of reach of children. Apply only to intact, clean and dry skin. Prolonged use of topical products can give rise to sensitization phenomena. In case of evident irritation phenomena or in case of hypersensitivity to the product or one of its components, immediately suspend treatment. If the discomfort persists continuously, consult your doctor. The product is not intended for pediatric use. The product may contain allergens of natural origin. Use during pregnancy, during breastfeeding and in case of concomitant local pharmacological therapies must take place only on the advice of the doctor.

Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C and away from direct sunlight and heat sources. The functionality and safety of the product are guaranteed exclusively by the integrity of the bag and by the closure of the bag itself after opening. After first opening it is valid for three months if correctly closed. Do not use after the expiry date indicated on the package. The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored. Do not use in case of damaged packaging.

3 pieces.
Net Weight: 24g.

Code 0225

Precision Hydration pH 1500