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Enervit Gel Citrus with caffeine

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Enervit Gel Citrus with caffeine

The gel with caffeine for moments of maximum effort
- Mix of carbohydrates with high energy density
- 20 g of carbohydrates
- 20 mg of caffeine
- With mix of vitamins
- Gluten free
- Citrus flavour

Setting the action from the first kilometers means setting the pace for the entire route.

Enervit Sport gel with Caffeine it is the source of carbohydrates with high energy density*, ideal for the initial and intermediate phases of long-term efforts.

*Compared to other gels in the range.

Enervit Sport gel Competition with Caffeine it is the historic gel of the range, it has helped cyclists to overcome very difficult slopes and runners to cross the finish line, today it will help you too. It is designed to support you when the effort becomes intense thanks to its DP4 formula, based on carbohydrates with 4 glucose units joined together. Pure innovation.

  • 20g of carbohydrates
  • Highly technical and innovative energy blend
  • With mix of vitamins

Why take it during training and competitions

Enervit Sport gel Competition with Caffeine , thanks to its innovative DP4 formula with high energy density, supports your performance from the first pedal strokes. It helps you achieve all your goals: whether it's working on the difference in altitude, on resistance or on your average.