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Isotonic Hydra Zero Orange - 20 tablets

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Practical effervescent tablets to dissolve in a water bottle for the preparation of an isotonic solution with zero sugars. Based on vitamins and electrolytes, they are particularly suitable in case of excessive salt and water losses, providing rapid and refreshing hydration.

  • With Vitamins B1, B2, B6
  • With Magnesium, Potassium
  • With Chlorine, Calcium and Sodium
  • Zero Sugar
How and When


dissolve 2 tablets in 270ml of water. Excessive consumption can have laxative effects


Before and during

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • With Minerals
  • With Vitamins
Medium Contents

for 2 tablets VNR/NRV*
Nutritional information
Vitamin B1 0.33mg 30
Vitamin B2 0.42mg 30
Vitamin B6 0.42mg 30
Zinc 1.5mg 15
Magnesium 62.5mg 16
Potassium 300mg 15
Chloride 170mg 22
Soccer 120mg 15
Sodium 460mg

More information
EAN 8058268961269

Food supplement of Vitamins and Electrolytes with sweetener, in effervescent tablets. Orange flavour. Ingredients: Acidifier: citric acid; Acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate; Bulking agent: sorbitol; Acidity regulator: potassium hydrogen carbonate; Calcium carbonate, Magnesium carbonate, Potassium chloride, Natural orange flavouring, Sodium chloride, Sweetener: sucralose; Beetroot powder, Zinc citrate, Riboflavin 5'-phosphate sodium (Vitamin B2), Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamin B1).

Precision Hydration pH 1500