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highly digestible pure corn maltodextrins, without aromas and with a neutral flavour.
Extremely pure corn maltodextrins, a mixture of highly digestible D-Glucose polymers without flavourings, with a neutral flavour. Maltodextrins are characterized by polysaccharide chains with a high glycemic index but without the blood sugar peaks given by equal quantities of sugar or dextrose (= simple sugars) and this allows you to receive a gradual and constant supply of energy. Having excellent digestibility, they are ideal for those who carry out intense physical and mental activity. Ideal to take during training/competition, in the period of greatest physical effort, and in the recovery phase. If taken after sporting activity they help replenish glycogen stores.
Maltovis can be taken by lactose intolerants, gluten allergy sufferers or those following a vegan diet.
Ingredients: corn maltodextrin (DE 19).
How to use : to prepare an isotonic solution, dissolve 3 tablespoons (approximately 34 g) in a glass (125 ml) of water (or 12 tablespoons in 500 ml) Up to 10 tablespoons (100 g) per day.
Having a neutral flavor they can be mixed with any drink.  
Packaging : 500 g soluble powder.
Read the warnings on the label carefully.

Energy value/
Energy Value
400 kcal – 1700 kJ
– 20% VNR
Fat/Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates of which/
Carbohydrates of which
95g – 36% VNR
sugars/sugar 19g – 21% VNR
glucose/glucose 1.7g
maltose/maltose 6.1g
3 PD glucose/glucose 8.5g
4 PD glucose/glucose 6.1g
5 PD glucose/glucose 6.6g
6 PD glucose/glucose 9.5g
7 PD glucose/glucose 7.6g
8 PD glucose/glucose 3.8g
9 PDglucose 2.8g
10-20P.D.glucose 6.6g
PD> 20)
Starch/Starch 0 g
Proteins/Proteins 0g
Salt/Salt 0g
PD = degree of polymerization

Precision Hydration pH 1500