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MIRABOL WHEY PROTEIN NATURAL whey proteins with maximum biological value with a protein concentration of 97%, rapid assimilation.

Food supplement with very high protein content (97%), included in the Ministry of Health register, code no. 46893, indicated in all cases of increased requirement or reduced protein synthesis such as:

  • sporting activity with intense muscular efforts;
  • maintenance of lean mass as part of diets for weight control and reduction.

MIRABOL WHEY proteins provide all the essential amino acids and others with important physiological functions:

  • ARGININE and GLYCINE are the main precursors of creatine synthesis. ARGININE activates the mechanisms of elimination of ammonia deriving from protein metabolism in the liver, promotes the pancreatic synthesis of insulin, and that of nitric oxide which regulates blood pressure. GLYCINE is the major constituent of collagen in the skin and joints;
  • The branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) VALINA, ISOLEUCINE and LEUCINE represent almost half of the total requirement of essential amino acids in the diet;
  • GLUTAMINE is a powerful cellular energy source.

MIRABOL WHEY proteins are suitable for lactose intolerants and gluten allergies.
MIRABOL whey proteins derive from Irish milk obtained from cows raised naturally on pasture.
The soy lecithin present in MIRABOL is GMO free.

serum proteins of milk isolated and ultrafiltered, emulsifier: lecithin soy (E322).

How to use:
1-3 scoops (10-30 g) per day. Dissolve approximately 30 g in a shaker with two glasses (200 ml) of liquid (water, milk, fruit smoothies, yogurt) for a few seconds. With an ice cream maker you get delicious professional ice cream.

Body building – classic definition protein unsurpassed in pre-competition periods.
Low-calorie diets – unsuitable for replacing meals because they do not give satiety, they are very good as a thermogenic snack to increase calorie consumption and lean body mass.

Packaging :
750 g jar.

Flavors :
natural 97% (without flavoring and sweetener).

Read the warnings on the label carefully.

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