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Sis Go Energy Bake Banana

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GO Energy Bake Bars are a delicious snack that will help you regain strength during your long workouts.

To increase performance and meet training needs, 60 to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour are recommended for exercises where long endurance is required. GO Energy Bake bars can be used to meet these needs, alongside other products from the Science in Sport Go range. Its unique, smooth, golden texture makes it a delicious snack with all the benefits of carbohydrates.

Depletion of carbohydrate stores during exercise is a major cause of tiredness. Providing extra carbohydrates during exercise improves performance and delays the onset of fatigue.

Recommended dose
Eat 1 or 2 bars every hour during exercise.


  • 30g of carbohydrates and 10g of fructose in each bar.
  • Carbohydrate ratio 2:1
  • Baked product and fruit filling.
  • Prepared with fruit and natural ingredients.
  • Convenient size for feeding during the race.
  • Suitable for a vegetarian diet.
  • 1 bar = 50 g.

Precision Hydration pH 1500