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Protective anti-chafing cream. Lubricates and protects the skin in all cases where continuous contact can cause redness and irritation. Ideal as a saddle pad and recommended to prevent annoying abrasions on nipples, inside thighs, armpits, etc.

Skin re-epithelizing.

Endurance Protection


The Endurance Protection formula has been designed to obtain a product particularly suitable for lubricating the friction areas of the skin, but without using Vaseline . This allows the use of the cream in all those situations where there is a need to protect and lubricate without having as a secondary effect that annoying problem, especially during the shower, of persistent greasiness on the skin. In fact, using any shower detergent no trace of the product will remain .

The use of Endurance Protection in sensitive areas of the skin allows you to preserve the abrasive action due to rubbing and protects the skin in case of demanding activities.

It is also possible to use Endurance Protection as a soothing agent, as the components of the product they assist in natural re-epithelizing processes .

It is recommended to apply the product in two phases: the first acting to absorb the mixture as much as possible and, subsequently, applying a second surface layer but without rubbing it. In this way a greater protective effect will be obtained.

Excellent as a saddle pad for cyclists and, in this case, an adequate dose of cream can be distributed directly on the seat of the shorts for a better result.


Precision Hydration pH 1500