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Do you want a quick post-workout recovery? Discover the advantages of VB Whey 104 9.8, a rapidly absorbed protein supplement.

? New Formulation
? 100% Natural and certified grass-fed
? Superior anabolic property thanks to the enzymatic hydrolysis process
? Protein suitable for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass


Hydrolyzed protein isolate, the best for post-workout

Hydrolysed whey proteins are derived from the enzymatic hydrolysis of isolated proteins. The hydrolysis process simulates what happens in the stomach and allows isolated proteins to be transformed into di- or tri-peptides. This allows hydrolyzed whey proteins to be absorbed more rapidly than other proteins. The speed of absorption , the high intake of Bcaa means that hydrolyzed proteins are optimal for post-workout. Net Integratori uses, exclusively for Italy, the best hydrolyzed protein: Optipep 90 PRO from the Irish company Carbery.


This is the ambitious goal that the staff of the Net Integratori research center has set itself as an objective to achieve in formulating the new VB Whey 104 9.8.
New formulation, new raw material, new and even more attractive packaging to obtain a protein with the highest biological value (VB = 104).

Here is the definitive, innovative and truly effective solution designed for immediate and complete recovery by making the most of the anabolic window and pushing protein synthesis to the highest levels.
The development of the new VB Whey 104 9.8 is the result of the increasingly close collaboration between the very Italian Net integrators and the Irish Carbery , a leading company in the world production of proteins for athletes.

This record was achieved thanks to the massive introduction on the Italian market of their new Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Isolated Protein (WHI) Optipep 90 Pro and which we at Net integrators, as a privileged company, had the task of developing as a finished product for the athlete as the absolute first brand on the reference market.

The use of this new and particular protein has allowed Net Integratori to create a product with unique and unrepeatable characteristics:

  • 100% natural and certified grass-fed
  • Greater intake of BCAAs
  • Greater purity (less than 0.1% lactose; zero cholesterol, zero carbohydrates, zero fat)
  • Greater presence of low molecular weight amino acids
  • Faster absorption of essential amino acids
  • Enhanced insulin response without the need for carbohydrates
  • Greater bioactivity of peptides

What does “certified grass-fed” mean?

This certification, after rigorous analyzes and checks by responsible third-party bodies, is obtained only when it is absolutely ascertained that the hydrolyzed protein derives exclusively from cattle that feed only on grass grown in well-kept land, free from pollutants and cultivated in total compliance with the 'environment.

The green and sunny pastures of Ireland are famous throughout the world and Carbery, particularly sensitive to respect for the environment, has made this a strong point.

The Irish climate is one of a kind. Carbery has decided to maximize this fortunate environmental feature by doing everything possible to grow its livestock in areas that are enviable even for man himself.

Attention to sustainable agriculture, therefore to sowing methods, accurate control and growth of forage and last but not least, the continuous monitoring of the health of livestock, inevitably produce excellent quality milk with nutritional profiles of notable qualitative importance.

Its subsequent treatment, with extremely rigorous and selective methods and controls, can only lead to a raw material of excellent quality.

The quality of the material used, the internal "research & development" staff of Net Integratori, the close collaboration with Carbery which, thanks also to a precise partnership agreement, allows us among other things to officially use their logo, have established an important principle in the world of sports nutrition: quality is the result of many elements in combination with each other: work, seriousness, research, study, innovation, experimentation and more study.

All this is a difficult goal to achieve…
…Net Integratori, with VB Whey 104 9.8, has achieved it!


What's new in VB Whey 104 9.8?

First of all we have a new raw material: Optipep 90 Pro (Hydrolysed Isolated Protein) which is exclusive to Net Integratori.
This raw material has the following characteristics:

  • Certified grass-fed protein : therefore the raw material comes from pasture-raised cows, which eat only grass and no cereals.
  • Greater supply of low molecular weight peptides : +3% compared to DH4 and less supply of free amino acids. this allows us to increase the Pdbcaas factor (0.98), which is the maximum score achieved so far for digestibility for a protein.
  • Greater intake of BCAAs : 8.07g per dose. the BCAA intake goes from 22 to 24%
  • Greater solubility (in 60 ml) and better palatability (less bitter)
  • In different flavors (Chocolate, Hazelnut Wafer, Vanilla..) the carbohydrates and sugars are zero and we reach the protein content of 90% (and not on the dry).
  • New flavors built directly with Carbery (Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookies & Cream are an amazing example). Samples that we started sending to everyone.
  • Lower intake of sucralose
  • New graphics . Each flavor has its own label. New jar in 1980g format. It will be as shiny as the 900g one and with the handle on the cap.


To define the quality (nobility) of a protein there are several parameters.
One of these is the Biological Value (BV) which considers the measurement of nitrogen to evaluate and represents the quantity of nitrogen actually absorbed and used net of proteins used for tissue repair to maintain vital functions.
A protein that has a perfect balance between absorbed amino acids and retained amino acids has a biological value of 100. Isolated proteins are those with the highest biological value (=104).

Another parameter to measure the quality of proteins is Pdcaas (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Ccore) . It is a new method adopted by the FDA and FAO as the ideal system for classifying protein quality. It takes into account both the amino acid content and the digestibility of the proteins. The highest Pdcaas value is 1.0, the minimum is 0; therefore any protein with the value close to 1.0 is considered complete for humans. This means that after digestion, it provides 100% of the required essential amino acids.

INGREDIENTS FOR THE CHOCOLATE FLAVOR: Carbery Optipep® 90 pro hydrolysed whey protein isolate, (MILK), Dutch Cocoa, pH Balance™ (Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Silicon Dioxide), Bromelain, Papain, AMINO FE™ (lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium brevis, bifidobacterium animalis), thiamine (vit. b1), riboflavin (vit. b2), pyridoxine (vit. b6), cyanocobalamin (vit. b12), flavourings, e955 sucralose. contains SOY lecithin.

Precision Hydration pH 1500