Spacefarmasport è Neversecond Italia

Spacefarmasport is Neversecond Italia

Spacefarmasport is honored to be the distributor in Italy of Neversecond, the first Performance Nutrition brand.

We firmly believe in the value of the Company from day one, even before trying the products, in preparation for a 70.3. Knowing how to link science, aromas and practice is something that few have managed to do.

We can count on everything an endurance athlete could ask for. The line is designed to satisfy every need: massive assimilation of carbohydrates and/or effective hydration, varying the intake, timing and methods of using the products.

Neversecond is Informed Sport certified and is tested daily in NEVERSECOND's Performance Lab by Dr. Asker Jeukendrup. The professional athletes of Team Never2, in all endurance sports disciplines, make the application of theory possible, offering fundamental feedback for the improvement and formulation of new references, increasingly modern and current.

There are several new features planned for 2023; the first will be energy bars, in two excellent flavours. In addition to the products, professional World Tour teams will also offer unprecedented visibility, not to mention the key role that medium and long distance triathlon is playing.

As spacefarmasport we aim to be present (like Neversecond Italy) in many renowned events, offering the possibility of requesting technical/scientific information and giving information on the nearest authorized resellers.

Below is the link to view the company brochure, with the technical specifications.

Neversecond brochure with products

For any information please write to us:


whatsApp / telegram 3517022717

via form on our site

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