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  • Neversecond

    We celebrate endurance athletes. Our science-based products and unique guidance system enable all athletes to plan, test and refine their nutritional performance.

    Science first, Never second 
  • Precision Fuel & Hydration

    We launched Precision Fuel & Hydration in 2011 after years of working with elite athletes and technology partners to develop a simple and effective way to help athletes understand and manage their individual hydration needs.

    'One-size-fits-all' just doesn't cut it 
  • Ethicsport

    EthicSport® professional supplements have been developed to optimize performance in all phases of sporting disciplines, with particular attention to endurance sports.

    Make your best performance 

    Trova il tuo potere con Stryd.Analizza le tue prestazioni, la tua forma e la fatica per sbloccare la tua corsa migliore con Stryd.

    Run with power 
  • Beet-It

    Beet it contains 400 mg of natural nitrates and has been used in over 300 independent scientific studies worldwide.

    Beet your personal best 
  • Volchem

    Volchem ​​produces dietary foods authorized by the Ministry of Health by applying the most modern quality standards: the products are normally formulated according to the ratios recommended (LARN and RDA/VNR) by the major health authorities.

    Italian food supplements 
  • Sis - Science in Sport

    Science in Sport is the world's leading brand in performance nutrition. It combines advanced knowledge and scientific formulations.

    Fueled by science 
  • NDURANZ, FUEL THAT MAKES SENSE. Innovativo brand  specifico per sport endurance


    We imagined the perfect fuel for the best endurance athletes and went to great lengths to create it. Forget trends, we are innovators

    Fuel that makes sense 
  • PowerBar


    We at PowerBar know what is important when it comes to optimal sports nutrition. Because since 1986 we have been developing products by athletes for athletes.

    Evolving Mindsets 
  • Namedsport

    Passion for sport, health care, respect for nature. These are the essential values ​​expressed by NAMEDSPORT> Superfood:

    Whole quality 
  • Enervit

    Positive nutrition is part of our DNA. It pushes us to study the lifestyle and nutrition of populations that have learned to live better and longer. It leads us to formulate and produce ideal nutritional and supplementation solutions for those who play sports.

    The Positive Nutrition Company 
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Beet-It Sport. Natural nitrates

Essential Performance Pack - Sensei Edition

Essential Performance Pack - Sensei Edition

Essential Performance Pack - Sensei Edition

The favorite products of Dario GIovine, Professional Triathlete and Ironman M 30-34... 




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