The new line of BCAAs created by Ethicsport is truly cutting-edge. Very recent scientific work supports the technical choice made by the EthicSport research staff. The new formulas contain Pep Form® ( Leucine peptides ). The study highlights that muscle protein turnover is significantly influenced by the ingestion of dipeptides. In particular, ingestion of dileucine (leucine dipeptide) increased plasma dileucine concentrations and was more effective than leucine in stimulating muscle protein turnover, increasing rates of muscle protein synthesis in young males. ( 40% more effective than leucine alone ).

This very interesting and well-conducted work provides the basis for evaluating how food-derived dipeptides can play an active role in the regulation of muscle protein synthesis. In light of the results obtained, it is clear that dileucine is a potential option for food fortification, applicable even in categories more resistant to muscle anabolism (e.g. sarcopenic, athletes), given the anabolic power of dileucine compared to leucine alone. In the new line of BCAAs made by Ethicsport are present in the formulation precisely i leucine peptides , which are very useful in the anabolic phase and in the turnover of muscle proteins.

**Bibliographical references ** Dileucine ingestion is more effective than leucine in stimulating muscle protein turnover in young males: a double blind randomized controlled trial. Kevin JM Paulussen, Rafael A. Alamilla, Amadeo F. Salvador, Colleen F. McKenna. Journal of applied physiology

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