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Neversecond Nutrition

Neversecond C30+ Energy Gel Cola

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Our C30+ energy gels are simply the best energy gels you will ever use.
Formulated with a minimal number of ingredients, they contain only what you need for maximum performance.
Each energy gel provides exactly 30g of energy using our AJ21 complex, a 2:1 maltodextrin to fructose carbohydrate blend that absorbs quickly while being very easy on the stomach. The result is fast energy with a greatly reduced risk of gastrointestinal problems. Each gel also contains 200 mg of sodium to promote faster water absorption.
All of our gels are lightly flavored and low viscosity, so they are easy to consume even during intense training and racing conditions.
Unlike our C30 energy gels, our C30+ gels contain 75 mg of caffeine per gel. Caffeine has been clinically proven to improve athletic performance when consumed properly. Because caffeine tolerance can vary greatly, we highly recommend testing your caffeine intake very carefully to optimize the right dose for you.

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