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Stryd running power meter

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Training isn't about running as hard as you can.

Stryd is a wearable device that clips to your shoe and communicates with your running watch to track your pace optimally, helping you run at the right intensity by alerting you to slow down or speed up in real time.

Perform each run at the right intensity. Powered by watts.

Bring precision to your training with Stryd

Stryd Running Power makes every training session purposeful so you get the most out of every run, wherever you run.

Next generation Stryd

We've further improved Stryd's industry-leading power rating with a up to 5x improved responsiveness and we are offering an innovative new metric of impact load rate to guide recovery and support performance.

Next-generation design, materials and sensors deliver 5x more responsiveness and the ability to capture lower-body stress, helping you make smarter training decisions.

Track lower body stress

Track lower-body stress, identify danger zones, and find the optimal recovery duration to maintain training momentum with the new Impact Loading Rate metric.

Up to 5 times the reactivity

The next generation Stryd offers incredibly responsive power that truly delivers on the promise of power - a parameter to guide your ride in any conditions.

Capture the full picture

With next-generation sensors, Stryd captures every run precisely, including high-fidelity sprint data, for a complete picture of who you are as a runner.

How does Stryd bring precision to your training?

Perfect pace on hills and wind

Stryd explains the effort required to overcome hills, wind and more. You can track your power number in almost any condition for an even pace.

Fast responsiveness

Stryd's power rating responds quickly to your changes in effort so you can make changes almost instantly.

Daily consistency

Stryd's power is objective and consistent. You can make comparisons between today's workout and a previous workout to track your improvements.

Stryd includes:

Best-in-class responsiveness for running at the right intensity on all terrains, in the wind, outdoors, on the treadmill and more!

Train from 5K to Marathon with a personalized power-based training plan that fits your fitness.

Optimize your health and performance with Stryd's new Impact Loading Rate to help you run at your best.

Wide compatibility with Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar, Suunto, COROS, Wahoo, Zwift, Android and iOS.