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Omius headband - refreshing head band

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Omius technology amplifies the body's natural cooling mechanism, keeping you cool, comfortable and performing.

Omius headbands are uniquely designed with a silicone grid to hold Omius cooling pieces. The grid holds the pieces in place and in direct contact with the skin. The cooling pieces are replaceable and easily transferred from one product to another. The products are made of the highest quality elastic material for ergonomics and a comfortable fit. The elastic material of the visor and hood is adjustable to fit all head sizes.

How does the technology work?

When water or sweat evaporates on the surface of the skin, it absorbs heat and cools the body.

The amplified cooling effect of Omius technology comes from the absorption of water into porous graphite, where it has 500% more surface area for evaporation. The transformation of water from liquid to gas on the surface of the graphite draws heat from inside the cooling pieces which are in contact with the skin and thus cool the skin.

Since the cooling effect is driven solely by the evaporation of water, the effect will continue indefinitely as long as the cooling pieces are wet and an air flow passes through them.