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New generation dextrins, better energy and more resistance.

It helps to keep energy always at an excellent level. Patented blend based on special carbohydrates, slow release, long lasting and highly efficient. Strongly hypotonic, with HBCD ( highly branched cyclic dextrins ), Palatinose, Dextrins DE6 and DE18.
Who is it aimed at?
To all subjects who carry out intense and/or prolonged physical activity and who require performance at the highest levels.

SUPER DEXTRIN is a new generation energy food supplement. The special formula exploits the synergy between Cluster Dextrin® (HBCD = highly branched cyclic dextrins), Palatinose™ (Isomaltulose) and maltodextrins with different dextrose equivalence (DE6 and DE18). The synergistic presence of HBCDs combined with DE6 allows a low osmotic pressure of the mixture, which allows rapid and effective gastric emptying. The different molecular structure of the carbohydrates contained favors a differentiated energy transfer, allowing a better distribution of energy reserves. The formulation of SUPER DEXTRIN is patented (Patent Pending), thanks to its particularly innovative characteristics. SUPER DEXTRIN is caffeine-free, does not contain gluten and is doping free tested*.

SUPER DEXTRIN is an energy food supplement based on advanced carbohydrates. The product is aimed at all subjects who carry out intense and/or prolonged physical activity, which leads to muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen reserves in the muscles.

Instructions for Use
Dissolve 50 g of product in approximately 500 ml of water, to be taken during physical activity. In case of particularly intense activities, with difficulty in refueling during, the product can also be used before physical activity. It is preferable not to exceed the maximum dose of 150 g of powder per day, equal to 3 bottles of 500 ml of solution.


Highly branched cyclic dextrin (Cluster Dextrin®), DE18 corn maltodextrin, Isomaltulose° (Palatinose™), DE6 corn maltodextrin (Glucidex®), Flavouring, Acidifier: citric acid. °Isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose.

Precision Hydration pH 1500