Megazinco is a hydrophobic cream certified Spf50.
Hydrophobic Cream means that due to its morphological nature it is highly resistant to water.

When you surf you have to deal with your own active strength and with the super active strength of the sea which, impacting against the cream and in particular against the external water of the stable, hydrophilic droplets of the emulsion, will cause the emulsion to detach in a very short time. cream from your face and will often cause it to drip into your eyes.
Making you “blind” during the session and unprotected.
This does not happen with Megazinco which remains adhered to the skin, does not drip and will protect you for a long time in and out of water.

The physical filter that characterizes its name: it is based on Zinc. Zinc has the advantage of having a very broad spectrum of protection from UVA-UVB rays, and being a physical filter, it shields the skin by "bouncing" the sun's rays and keeping it fresh.

The full-bodied consistency of Megazinco is given by the wax of the most important insect in the world. Thanks to beeswax Megazinco has been stabilized and can be used both at low temperatures and in the tropics.

The bases used to create Megazinc are of plant origin.

Who is MEGAZINCO for?

  • For those who work in the sun
  • Those who expose themselves to the sun and extreme atmospheric agents for a long time
  • Who surfs
  • Those who do diving and water sports
  • Those who go by boat and experience the sea
  • Those who play sports and sweat in the sun
  • Those who have moles or scars to protect
  • Those who snowboard, splitboard, ski mountaineering
  • Who lives in the mountains
  • Who works in the mountains
  • Those who love their skin and want to protect it
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